What is CW

CW is a private company that, through its concept of practical work to support, develop and create global business across all borders and to all companies, but especially for new, small-and medium-sized businesses. We do this partly through our website and through all our programs and services provided by the CW’s employees.

– CW is for those who are interested in business and in particular Global businesses –

What can CW do for You?

Some examples of what the CW can do for you and your company:

NOTE: All the CW is about Global Business

  • That through our website to find your business partners in countries of the world
  • Education
  • Business Travel
  • Seminars and lectures
  • Business Development
  • Business
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Works in the Public Relations fields
  • Support of business negotiations
  • Support the establishment of commercial agreements
  • Mentors
  • News and editorials
  • Forums

– CW is your global business partners and develop your business –