Below is a personal meditation from our writer Kim Hartman, about social media from an entrepreneurial point of view

We welcome a dialogue with you in the issue of Social media. Do you agree or disagree? Please, give us your opinion.

Kim Hartman: This text consists of my own thoughts and opinions about social media and how this phenomenon can help companies to grow in the digital era that we now have stepped into. The words that are written in this text should not be considered as absolute facts but rather thoughts that can be build upon in order to create an own, personalized profile online.

Social media — a global matter
The communication society has transformed the life of ordinary people all over the globe. This change has also created a new arena for companies. If you don’t position your company in social media, there is a risk …
that the customer will forget about you and leave your company back in the dust. Facebook has 400 million users that is connecting and sharing information with each other. You don’t have to be a mathematician to be able to figure out that the information travel with the speed of lightning in social media if you consider the fact that every user has an average of 130 friends. Social media has a huge potential that can lift your company to new levels if you play your cards right. There are, however, risks involved — risks that must be taken seriously unless your activity in social media is going to turn into a negative existence that damage your company instead of umproving it.

Capture the customer’s attention and
nurture it
The new consumer doesn’t listen to the traditional, loud mass marketing that used to be a winning concept back in the days. Social media is the individual’s home, a place where she spends her leisure time and socializes with her friends. She does not want to be molested by bold companies that ignore her individual needs and underestimates her intelligence. The consumer know what she wants, but is at the same time open for suggestions. Because you can’t fool the new consumer, information spreads too quickly to make that kind of behavior successful.

Promise much, deliver more
The key to success in social media is to produce interesting content and to be able to stand up for it. Instead of focusing on direct sales you have to see your participation in a larger perspective, an perspective where you use the consumers extended possibilities of communication and let her build your brand in the digital world. You have to become a part of the customers own network, the network that she shares with her friends and acquaintances. If you can create a relation with the customer in social media you probably have got yourself an brand ambassador at the same time, an informal message spreader that stands up for your brand and gives it strength and credibility in a world where trust is everything.
You have to take advantage of the consumers own initiative and show her that you are interesting enough to see again. If you succeed, the consumer will want to visit your home and see what you have to offer.

Do you have any particular habits on the web, concerning Social Media?
We would love to hear from you what differences there are between your private habits and how you act as a business man or woman at places like Twitter and Facebook. If there are any differences!?
— For what purpose are you using Social Media as an entrepreneur?
— What benefit do you see that your company may have from a well developed network like Facebook?
— How much time do your business spend on Social Media? (Eg daily, weekly, monthly?)
— Do you occasionally avoid participating in a conversation on Social Media for fear of being misunderstood, or receive bad publicity?
— How do you think Social Media can benefit your company in the future?
— What makes you not use Social Media more than you actually do now (in the business purpose)?

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