CEO News: Growth Greetings from China

Kjell Strandberg

Again, I can state that the growth power in the Middle Kingdom continues with the same force as I’ve had the joy to experience during my more than 20 years of presence in the country. However, I can perceive that now, a certain worry that didn’t exist some ten years ago is sneaking up. It was then a completely euphoric state that ruled and that I could recognise from Russia in the early years of the 90s, but also from what was happening in Sweden for many decades, but it was so long ago that we have forgotten that time.

We humans forget with ease and remember with difficulty. As an independant businessman and entrepreneur both in Sweden, Russia and China, the last twenty-five years have been a radically changing time, during which much water has flown under the bridges. Of course it’s both clean and clear water, but also muddy and sick water. Water that no fish can live well in, even less reproduce in. To have been able to work in these three countries of contrasts parallelly exactly during these decades, I see as a great gift. Then to have been able to do that as an entrepreneur and be personally present in all three countries and respond with own wallet to the economic risks, is a further dimension that I value.

It is what I call a natural and undistorted experience that has come out of this and become engraved and thereby prevents from making the same mistake a second and third time. It’s precisely this that is the difference between always paying out of your own wallet and taking from other’s wallets. It’s then that we humans forget with ease and remember with difficulty.

The differences between “my” three countries are as huge as they can be, really white and black. Russia is the world’s largest country to the surface, China the world’s most people rich country and Sweden one of the world’s best countries in the ability to produce fantastic entrepreneurs, who with small means have the gift to build companies.

I have always claimed that differences is what creates real growth. Then it should also be given that there are no better conditions to create growth than those when working with exchange in these three countries.

But I have also stated that none of these three countries fulfill the denomination paradise, but they all have their pros and cons and problems on different levels, also for a devoted entrepreneur. I am convinced that this is also true for the rest of the planet’s roughly 190 countries. If you could take only the best from each country and move to your new “deamland”, then I’m convinced that this land could give more of its inhabitants a more comfortable being and maybe most importantly, the hope of something better.

There is a common denominator for these three countries as well as for all other countries of the world, namely the need to create sustainable and needed JOBS. Precisely this is my daily work and my mission, no matter the country.

With growth greetings from Beijing, China

Kjell Strandberg
CEO of CW Connecting World

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