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The Kenyan Economy, July 2010

Moses K. Gitangu, Ruiru, Kenya IT technician, trained in KCA University, Nairobi, Kenya. Entrepreneur, business and IT consultant for particularly small and medium, SME:s enterprises. The Kenyan Economy, July 2010 Kenya is a political democracy located in East Africa….

New Penman for CW

We welcome Mr. Kim Hartman Astrand as a new member of the CW People and as a new Columnist writing in this issue about the remarkable entrepreneurs in the deep forests of Smaland, Sweden.

The Gnosjo Spirit, June 2010

Kim Hartman Ă…strand, born 1982, Sweden Writer and marketer with a genuine interest of IT and e-Culture. Independent writer and storyteller, developing his knowledge in business and IT to a more international perspective. Penman and a creative problem solver.…

Translate CW to 57 languages

Translate all messages of the CW portal to your mother tongue with one click! A new feature that will improve understanding and comprehension to a new level for all who are not familiar with English. Note! This is a test….

Elections towards Legality or Security? May 2010

Joni AlWindi, Cali, Colombia Multilingual, social and business entrepreneur from Sweden with experience in Colombia since 2003. Living and working in Cali, Joni is dedicated to global development through quality education and international business for all. Elections towards Legality…

CW Global Business Academy

Now CW Global Business Academy is launching a twoyear MBA program, which after passed degree will provide the world with trained Global Business Ambassadors. An education that the world really needs is available from the CW starting autumn 2011.

CW Global Growth Groups

CW GGG consists of groups with special skills suited for each project. It can include projects to develop certain companies for a specific market. It can also be a commission to create opportunities for a region in a country to…

CW Press contact

Professor Ulf Hanning is now formally designated as the spokesman of CW in all contacts with media.