Study programmes


CW Global Business Academy

Study programmes

Study programmes at the CW Global Business Academy are tailor made to create maximal knowledge and value for the participants in their future activities. Some examples of standard study programmes at CW Global Business Academy are given below.

  • Cross Culture Communication – developing understanding of cultures and value systems in other countries,
  • Business Culture Education – how to make business in countries with other culture and value systems,
  • Management Education – how to manage companies in different cultures and countries,
  • Leadership in different cultures and countries,
  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution,
  • Manoeuvring Language, i.e. basic knowledge in the desired language – that is what it takes to manage on your own in the actual country,
  • Language; CW Business Academy can concerning some languages – in co-operation with an appropriate university – also offer more advanced education,
  • Thematic Education with emphasis on a certain country, region or alternatively a certain branch.

The study programmes are generally conducted in groups of 10-20 persons. The programmes can also be tailor made for smaller groups and also for a certain company.Shorter educational programmes, one to three working days over a weekend, can also be arranged. 

An educational certificate is issued after completed education, in which the content of the given education is specified.

Observe: CW Global Business Academy will gradually develop the educations and courses which can be offered. The full program as described above will be developed during 2009.